How Google works

When we talk about Google, we mainly think of its powerful capacity at giving answers to research questions. Without Google’s search engine, it would be practically impossible to find the information that we need when we browse the web. Google uses its private programming code to generate search results. The only thing it shares are general facts about its programming or algorithm. But the specifics of Google Company are secrets. This helps Google at remaining competitive with other search engines on the web and reduces the chance of someone finding out how to abuse the system

Google like most search engines, uses automated programs called Spiders or Crawlers. Google also has a large index of keywords where words can be found. What sets Google apart is how it ranks search results, which in turn determines the order in which Google displays results on its results’ pages. Google also uses a trademarked algorithm called PageRank, which assigns each Web page a relevancy score because people create new Web pages every day, and not all of them stick around for long. Then, Google places more value on pages with an established history. Google looks at how many Web pages link to a particular site to determine its relevance. Also, if the keyword only appears once within the body of a page, it will receive a low score for that keyword.


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