After researching the terms: teacher, professor, doctor, nurse, baby, teenager

and criminal on Google image; I made a striking but yet not shocking

discovery. Surprisingly enough, the images that I found for each term tied back

to the common “definition” of each term. The definition, in this case, refers to

the assumptions widely made in regard of each term. For example, the results

that I got for the word doctor mostly represented male figures when, however,

the word nurse seemed to be mostly associated to women. The sexist

tendencies, that have been going on for centuries and considering men as

better fitted for higher paying jobs, lead me to considered those results as

somewhat biased and not that surprising at all. Alongside to sexism, it seems

like most of the results found for each term lacked in people of minorities. Are

those beautiful white babies with hazel/blue eyes supposed to represent all a

term as broad as baby could refer too? According to Google image, maybe…

Also, it amazed me how most of the results seemed chosen to only show a

dreamy side of the term rather than reality. Sure, teachers smiling with thumbs

up are great! On the other side, seeing them in an actual classroom would be

even greater. It makes the results less meaningful since they only seem to

show ideal situations. It would probably require the research terms to be more

precise than just teacher, professor, doctor, nurse, baby, teenager or criminal.

I researched other terms like engineer and pilot and the results confirmed my

predictions. The image were predominantly filled with white male character.

Those two profession require great intelligence and strength; something that

for a long time women were denied to be able to own.

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