The importance of a Digital Identity

Each of us has a file describing our physical identity. These files contain information on our ID cards, Driver’s licenses, Passport, Green Card, Social Security card and so on. Then, what about our digital identity and its importance? Digital identity is our online identity. In other words, digital identity is a set of attributes or credential that allow a third party to assess and verify the authenticity of our online identity.

So that we can be allowed, for example, to make an online payment, enter or visit a certain website. There are many ways in which we can have a digital identity such as by creating an email account, Facebook account, Google account and other social media logins.

In government as in business, knowing who you’re dealing with is essential when using any form of electronic communications. Many Businesses companies need our identity assurance for commercial enterprises such as online banking and trading, e-Commerce, or digital form signing. Those who have a strong identity online are more visible in the search engines. This will tell consumers what kind of business they have and would help the business man at being more successful. At the same time,

the government role is to protect our nation, protect its people by using digital encryption to protect documents from getting opened by anyone.

Digital identity has become important mainly because of rising online criminal activity. That is why Companies’ owners want to know about consumers in order to minimize the risk of fraud. Also because they want to be in a position to sell more relevant goods and services. On the other side, consumers want to be assured that the seller they’re working with is legitimate and reliable and not someone fishing for data to exploit.

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